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Professional Publications

Kaslow, F. and Friedland, L. (2021). Consultation to Family Business Enterprises, Springer.

Kirby, William C., Trachtman, Les, & Friedland, Lilli, (2013). “The Ex-CEO Contemplates a Coup” (HBR Case Study and Commentary), Harvard Business Review – June 2013.

Friedland, Lilli, and Kaslow, Florence, (2013). “Guide to Interacting With the Media” in Koocher, G.P., Norcross, J.C., & Hill, S.S. (Eds.). Psychologists’ Desk Reference (3rd Edition), Oxford University Press.

Backer, Tom & Friedland, Lilli, (2008). Donor Advisors and Philanthropic Strategies, Hewlitt Foundation.


Friedland, L. (1999). "Preface" and "The Pioneers of Media Psychology," Perspectives on Psychology and the Media in Sam and Diana Kirschner (Eds.), American Psychological Association.

Friedland, L., & Friedland, D. (1994). Workplace Harassment in Innovations in Clinical Practice: A Source Book, Vol. 13. Professional Resource Press.

Other Publications

Dr. Lilli Friedland has been published multiple times. Provided below are some of the articles with their respective links:

Yael Gauer, 8/23/2021, A Digital Guide to Breaking Up: How To Reclaim Your Devices, Consumer,

Guest Feature: The Growing Need for More Female Financial Advisors, 8/28/2013, Family Wealth Report.
Guest Feature: The Women’s Economy Has Arrived, 8/27/2013, Family Wealth Report.
Best Practices for the Successful Transfer of Financial and Social-Emotional Wealth 9/13/2012, Family Wealth Report.  

Girls of Summer Back at Fire Place Lodge, 10/18/2012, Newsday.   a

How to Build and Keep Workers’ Trust in a Crisis, 9/19/2010.
How Can Advisors Help Clients Who Struggle With Financial Windfalls, 9/14/2010, CFA Magazine
Should you 'fix' the family nose? Patients benefit from support of family and friends, doctors say, 6/05/2010, Chicago Tribune News.
Shaping the Perfect Teen-Ager, 2/11/2019, CBS News.
Strong, Sane Decision-Making Amid Economic Turmoil with Maria Williams, 3/9/2009, SHRM Online Editor.  
Advising People With Money, 2/03/2009, Third Sector, United Kingdom. 2/03/09.

Leading the Organization During Uncertain Times, 12/13/2008.
Writers Aren’t Over the Strike, 3/12/2008. Los Angeles Times,

Psychological Factors When People Receive Sudden/Windfall Money, 2/8/2007. International Wall Street Journal to Rhea Wessel.
Big Bills Give Texting Teens A Very Rude Wake-Up Call. 5/21/2007. Washington Post and San Diego Union Tribune. 5/21/07.


Leading the Organization Through Uncertain Times.


‘Dream Team’ Faces Strife at Home, 1/29/2007. Los Angeles Times: Business.


Last of the Titans, 9/18/2006, Los Angeles Times: Business.


Second Marriage-Workplace Couples: Good or Bad, 9/24/2003, Wall Street Journal.


The Stresses of Stardom, 8/31/2001, ABC News

Business Unusual: Companies are Enhancing Benefits To Keep Employees Happy, 12/18/2000. 

Los Angeles Business Journal.


Technology, Depression, Linked, 11/21/2000. Dallas Morning News 


Tech Workers Advised to Ward Off Depression, 10/19/2000. Amarillo Globe News 


Airplane Survivors Will Fly Again, 11/02/2000. ABC News.


Cell Phones, 9/20/2000, Infinite Mind hosted by NPR. 


Credit cards in charge, 8/31/2000.


Drivers Find Quake’s Silver Lining: A Shorter Commute, 3/2/1994, Los Angeles Times.


Getting the Most Out of the Move: Companies Help Employees Cope With Relocation Stress, 2/16/1986. Los Angeles Times.

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