Board certified in clinical psychology, Dr. Lilli Friedland has specialities in evaluating and developing individuals and the systems in which they participate. Through deeper understanding of oneself and others, learning to manage conflict, making wiser decisions, and actively participating in shaping their lives, people can thrive.

Clinical Services

Sometimes even normal developmental or life events (i.e. when children leave home, or making a commitment to relationships) can unsettle or emotionally impact a person....


Sometimes situations or contexts change (i.e. change in jobs, or divorce) and can upset a person....


Sometimes the person's emotions or moods (i.e. stress, depression, anxiety, or unhappiness) make life difficult....


Dr. Friedland offers individual, couples or family counseling to build understanding, abilities, and skills to manage these challenges, and guide individuals to actively shape their choices. 


Individuals and families change over time as they go through developmental stages, planned and unplanned life events, or crises. People also change as a result of new relationships, interests, and careers they create. If individuals do not adapt to their own changes or those close to them then stress and strain may occur.


Disappointments, hurts, rivalries, differing views or unmet needs frequently cause discord or isolation. Additionally unexpressed or misunderstood feelings and needs can affect people negatively. What is unique about Dr. Friedland is her ability to guide individuals and families to identify, grow and use their strengths and capabilities to maximize relationships and self-understanding. Stress, disappointment, unhappiness, frustration, depression, and conflict are among the issues that bring people into treatment. Dr. Friedland expands the individual’s and family’s ability to communicate, manage conflicts and relate more collaboratively.

Forensic Services

Evaluation and assessment   |    Expert Witness  |  Litigation Consultation


Dr. Friedland has practiced forensic psychology for more than 25 years. She has provided services for both the defense and plaintiff sides - approximately 50% on each side. In her forensic practice she conducts psychological evaluations, prepares literature review of psychological impact, reviews opposing psychological expert’s work, and participates in planning litigation strategies with attorneys.


Her areas of forensic specialization are employment and corporate culture issues, gender/sexual harassment, sexual abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), personal injury, substance abuse, immigration, and psychological reactions to traumatic events or injuries.


She has served on the Los Angeles County Psychological Association's Ethics Committee and also co-chaired its Forensic Committee


Law Firms

A list of law firms with whom Dr. Friedland has worked with over the past 25 years is available on request. Contact us now.

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