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Dr. Lilli Friedland has made multiple presentations to national and international organizations and conferences. Her major presentations are listed below:

2023, Consulting to Family Business Enterprises: A Multifaceted, Variegated Endeavor, APA’s Society of Consulting Psychology, California.


2023, Challenges and Self-Reflections of Experienced Consultants, (PDFB) Psychodynamics of Family Business, Illinois.


Multiple Changing Influences in Consultation, PDFB, Psychodynamics of Family Business.


Gender Differences in Business Leadership, PDFB, Psychodynamics of Family Business, Chicago.


Past, Present and Future of eHealth Interventions – A Panel Discussion of Critical Issues: Data, E-Health and Decision. American Psychological Association, Washington, D.C.


How Bias Influences Change in Family Businesses, PDFB, Psychodynamics of Family Business, Chicago.


Family Dynamics in Family Business – Jewish Community Foundation, Los Angeles.


Neuroscience of Decision-Making – Psychodynamics of Family Businesses (PDFB) Chicago.


Worst and Best Practices in Family Business-Family Business Magazine, Los Angeles.


Family Business Succession: Leadership Development and Planning, American Psychological Association Convention, New Orleans, LA.


Measuring the ‘Value Added’ to Corporations by Consultants, American Psychological Association Convention, Honolulu, Hawaii.


The Trusted Advisors: The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Consultants to Executives, American Psychological Association’s Society of Consulting Psychology, Pasadena, CA.


The Business Psychologist as a Management Consultant, American Psychological Association Convention, Toronto, Canada.


Psychological Aspects of Family Wealth and Business Succession Planning, Estate Counselors Forum, Los Angeles.


The Cutting Edge of Health Psychology: Psychologists as Change Experts,” American Psychological Association, Chicago.


Application of New Technologies, American Psychological Association, San Francisco. 


Women in Leadership, UCLA Extension, Conference coordinator.


Role of expert witnesses in sexual harassment cases, Coordinated workshop for California Psychological Association, Los Angeles. 


Executive Coaching and Corporate Consultation – California Psychological Association Convention, San Diego. 


The Psychologist Role in Sexual Harassment Cases – California Psychological Association Convention, San Diego.


Introduction to Forensic Psychology: Civil Law Cases, L.A. County Psychological Association Convention, Los Angeles.


Ethical Dilemmas for Psychologists Working in the Media and the New Technologies; L.A. County Psych. Association. Convention, Los Angeles.


Use of Expert Psychologist When Truth is the Key Issue, Labor Law Section, California State Bar, Los Angeles and San Francisco.


Communication Strategies, LA Police Department Psychologists.


Scientist-Practitioner Split - Lessons in Institutional Conflict and Resolution, American Psychological Association, Toronto, Canada.


The Media and Its Messages for Women, American Psychological Association, Toronto.


Sharing Perspectives of the Changes in Media Psychology, American Psychological Association, Toronto.        


Advanced Media Training for Psychologists, American Psychological Association, Toronto.       


Talk Shows -Media Influencing the Public and the Public Influencing the Media, American Psychological Association, Toronto.


Making the Family Portrait Real, Harris Bank Conference on Family Business, Los Angeles.

Psychologists Reaching Out to the Community Through the Media, Mid-winter Convention, APA, Scottsdale, AZ.


Ethical Dilemmas and Risks for Psychologists Working with the Media, March California Psychological Association, La Jolla, CA.


Ethics and Media Psychology - California Psychological Association Annual Meeting, San Diego.


Leadership Through Legislation: the California Psychological Association’s 7th Annual Leadership and Advocacy Conference, Sacramento.    


Standards and Ratings in the Media as Used by Adolescent Viewers, U. of Southern California.


Violence and the Media, American Psychological Association 1994, Los Angeles.     


Advanced Communications Training Workshop, American Psychological Association, Los Angeles.


Coordinator, First All-Day Interactive Media Program, American Psychological   Association, Los Angeles.


Effects of Viewing Violence, International Society for Adolescent Medicine.    


Media Skills for Psychologists, Virginia Psychological Association, Virginia. 


Media Skills for Psychologists, American Psychological Association, Toronto.


Future Trends in the Written Media, American Psychological Association, Toronto.


Developing Skills in Media Psychology - American Psychological Association. New York. 


Superwoman, the Juggling Act - Seminar, Women in Business, Los Angeles.


Dual Career Couples, Annenberg Center, University of Southern California.


Developing Intimacy, and Self Esteem and Highly Successful Women - Women in Business Retreat Skills Forum.


Sharing Our Expertise Conference - Stress in Dual Career Families.


Stress Management for Business Professionals for North County Women in Business, Los Angeles.


Stress Management for Managers and Supervisors for Foothill Savings and Trust Corporation, Los Angeles.


Stress Management, Women In Business Conference, Los Angeles.


Stress Management Techniques for Women in Business “Sharing Our Expertise” Conference. February Stress Management in Two-Career Families, Women in Business Conference, Los Angeles. 


A Model for Community Planning, American Association of Suicidology, Los Angeles. 


Planning for Services and Funding, 3rd National Drug Abuse Conference, New York. 


Funding Alternatives for Drug Abuse and Alcoholism Services - Annual meeting of Alcohol and Drug Problems Association, Chicago. 


Proposed Federal Health Insurance Packages, Applicability to Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Programs, presented at annual meeting of Drug and Drug Problems Association, Chicago. 


Essential of Planning for Services for Drug Abusers and the Prevention of Drug Abuse, Second Annual Conference of the Los Angeles County Drug Abuse Task Force, Los Angeles.

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